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60th Reunion - 9/10 & 9/11/2019
55th Class Reunion - Sept. 2014
50th Reunion Workers
Reunion Committee Workers
Labeling envelopes for 50th high school reunion information letters.
Ann Ray, Bud (Roger) Muller, Susan Baker, Buddy Heimbigner, Bob Stimmel, Dick Gray, Pete King, Dan Frandsen, Gary Wolfe
Butch Bosley, Bob Engebretson, Pat (Herring) Lucarelli, Ellie (Isitt) Walker, and Gary Buttice
Bob Stimmel, Dick Gray, Pete King, and Dan Frandsen practicing fine muscle coordination.
Gary Buttice, Susan Baker, Curtis Melhus, Carolyn (Cludas) Drake, Kay Ellen (Jones) Miller, and Roger Muller
Bob Stimmel, Dick Gray, and Pete King putting their all into labeling envelopes.
Dick Gray, Pete King, Bob Stimmel, Bud (Roger) Muller, Dan Frandsen, Curtis Melhus, Gary Wolfe,  Gary Buttice (in one of his fashionable hats), Ellie Walker, Nora Jane (Wilson) Bennett, and Butch Bosley.
Kay Ellen (Jones) Miller, Carolyn (Cludas) Drake, Bob Stimmel, Buddy Heimbigner,
Nora Jane (Wilson) Bennett, Butch Bosley, Ann Ray, and Pat (Herring) Lucarelli
50 Year Reunion Pat & Pete King's House
Beatrice (Beard) Groom, Diane (Hiller) Norquist, and Susan Baker
Pete King, Ken & Lydia Strange, and Bob Stimmel
Ann (Moffitt) Engen, Carol (Mercado) Toombs, and Lois (Lenfesty)Springer
Linda (Roberts) Sitton, Kay Ellen (Jones) Miller, Doyne Morrison, and Beatrice (Beard)Groom
Bob Stimmel, Nancy (Sheridan) Butler, Gary Buttice
Ellie (Isitt) Walker, trying to avoid the camera -- unsuccessfully
Lydia and Ken Strange with Alice (Pribilsky) Berry between them.  I need help with the name of the man on the right.
Steve Singleton, Kay Ellen (Jones) Miller, and Jerry Klundt.
Jerry Klundt, Bob Baker, and Pete King.
Beatrice (Beard) Groom, Ann (Sheridan) Butler, and Gary (Buttice) Buttice
Part of the crowd at Pete and Pat Kings beautiful place.
50th Reunion Ladies Luncheon
50th Reunion - Friday Eve at the Elks
Steve & Neila Yeend and Gary & Cindy Wolfe
Caroline Bruce, Sandy (Patton) Coleman, Kay (Henderson) Hagen, Betty (Faust) and Dick Gradwohl and ??
Carol (Mercado) & Jerry Toombs
Merle Campbell, Gary Norquist, Chuck
Wickizer, Jerry & Carol (Mercado) Toombs, Bonnie (Phares) Wickizer
The Famous Smokeout
Elaine Logan Knapp & Ora Lee Ault Kapp
Gary Longmire and Carol (Mercado)Toombs
50th Reunion - Saturday at Kooskooskie
50th Reunion - Saturday at Country Club
Awkward moment for Brian Gaines.  Brian was our photographer and Alexis Snyder caught him high on the ladder, taking pictures of the whole class outside the country club.
Judy Deal and Bob Adams
Karen (Poulsen) and John Arbini with Gary Snyder
Jerry Klundt, Gary Snyder, Bob Adams, and Bob Baker
Jerry Klundt, Gary Snyder, Bob Adams, and Bob Baker
50th Reunion - Sunday Brunch
Brian Gaines (photographer), Carolyn Bruce, Carolyn (Kludas) Drake, and Beatrice (Beard) Groom looking at 50th reunion class photo of the 59ers
Mike & Julee Drake, and Mary Ann & Dick Gray. Dicks expression says Good grief!  Another picture?!?!?
Carolyn (Kludas) Drake eats while Ora Lee (Ault) Kapp, Carolyn Bruce, Sharon (Blomquist) Moomaw, and Beatrice (Beard) Groom chat
Lila (Witt) Locati with Lydia & Ken Strange
Frosty and Nora Jane (Wilson) Bennett
Gary Buttice and Ellie (Isitt) Walker--best buddies
Nora Jane (Wilson) Bennett, Lynn (Davison) Suckow, Ken Strange holds still while Nancy (Sheridan) Butler pours some of Dick Grays fine wine
Nancy (Sheridan) Butler, Nora Jane (Wilson) Bennett, Ellie (Isitt) Walker, Lydia and Ken Strange
Merrill and Robin (Lindsay) Nielson with Beatrice (Beard) Groom
50 Year Reunion - Miscellaneous Events
Reunion Golfers
Packing up the Memorabilia Room
Classmates/Photos Military Times
Hey, I must have taken a wrong turn!
(Steve Singleton, Iraq)
Playing in the big Desert Storm sandbox - (Steve Singleton, Riyadh)
Proper retirement attire, Philippines - Steve
Gary Wolf demonstrating light machinegun to young enthusiast in Hawaii
Gary Wolfe with Marines in Hawaii
Hawaiian Mauna Loa volcano with some Marines in foreground (Gary Wolfe on right)
Gary Wolfe at Camp Matthews rifle range
Gary Wolfe, dress blues
Steve, dress blues
Hey, I just had my 50th birthday ... what the heck am I doing over here...?
Classmates & Families
Walla Walla Landmarks
High School
Clubs, Organizations, Etc.
Phi Mista Meeting June 1959
Phi Mista Meeting
Cabinet 1958-59
Wa-Hi Girls Club (?)
Wa-Hi Girls Club 1(?)
El Adrea 1958-1959
Jeune Fille - 1956 - 57
Jeune Fille - 1957 - 58
Jeune Fille Meeting/Installation of Officers
Sponsors & ROTC
ROTC Sponsors 2nd Platoon
Sponsors Corporals
Sandy Cline, Marilyn Aliverti, Terry Brotherton, Elaine Logan, Pat Herring, Toni Griffith
Squad Practice
Corner of Palouse & Birch Sts.
Sponsors Inspection April 58
Terry Brotherton, Marilyn Aliverti, Toni Griffith
Squad Competition ROTC Sponsors Spring 1958 Terry Brothertons Squad
Sponsors & ROTC on Palouse Street Side of Wa-Hi
ROTC on Park Street Side of Wa-Hi
ROTC and ROTC Sponsors performing at Wa-Hi BB games
Holiday Greeting from Captain Darlene Hanley
Holiday Greeting Photo
Parades, Band, Flagswingers
Fair Parade on Main Street Sept. 1958
Fair Parade - Sept. 1958
Flagswingers 58-59
Judy Durand, Lynn Davison, Elaine Logan, Patty Herring, Marilyn Brueggemeier, Sharon Weybright
Judy Durand, Elaine Logan, Pat Herring
Flag Swingers Judy Durand and Elaine Logan
Parade in Waitsburg Sharon Weathers Wagonette
Wagonettes in Parade 1957
High School Dances
Shuffle Shop
Shuffle Shop Committee
Jerry Stump, Mike Nascimento 58, Mary Ann Renebarger 58, Patty Herring, Tom Locati - St. Patricks, Peggy Baldwin - St. Patricks
Preparing for a party at the Shuffle Shop
Judie Davis, Pat Herring, Joan Meadowcroft
Shuffle Shop - Making Plans
Barbara Roth, Joan Meadowcroft, Judie Davis, Pat Herring
Senior Sneak
Senior Sneak May 1959
Tom Schriener, Shirley Weathers, Patty Herring, Gary Forrest, Joan Meadowcroft, Chuck Wetzel, Sharon Weathers, Glen Weitz
Senior Sneak Morning - Marilyn Aliverti, Shirley Weathers, Joan Meadowcroft, Patty Herring, Sharon Weathers
Frankie Pugliese and Richard Gray at our Senior Sneak
Glenn Weitz and Tommy Schreiner at our Senior Sneak
Harold Haddock and Sgt. Poovey at our Senior Sneak
Senior Sneak
Judy Carey, Carol Mercado, Karen Poulsen
Senior Sneak Pat Herring, Chuck Wetzel, Sharon Weathers, Bill Gluck, Mike Drake, Glenn Weitz
Senior Sneak - Terry Brotherton, Rosemary Foss, Chuck Wetzel, Elaine Logan, Dave McKinney, Joan Meadowcroft, Shan Beck, ?, Anne Howells, Linda Williams, Karen Poulsen
Gary Snyder, Bob Adams, Bob Baker
Karen Poulsen
1959 Graduates
Elaine Logan receives diploma
Judy Durand receiving diploma
All Night Graduation Party June 59 Mike Ryles 58, Judy Durand, Rosemary Foss, Jerry Lee 58, Elaine Logan, Steve Knapp 58
After High School
Grade School
Chuck Wetzel, Curtis Michaelson, Judy Carey, Linda Roberts, Shirley Bates
Rosemary Foss
Sharon Weathers and Rosemary Fosss
Linda Roberts, Sandra Dunham, Eloisa Richmond, Karen Jorgenson
Buck Weathers with patrol boys trip to McNary Dam.  The boys are from Washington School.  Front: Left to Right  Robert Land & Ray Wyckoff.  Back:  Left to Right - Victor Flisram, Lester Smith, Bill Farmer
Baker 4th Grade Puppet Show Heidi with Larry Hoy, Lynn Aldrich, Jo Dee Hess, Steve Singleton and Kurt Reitmeyer
Square Dance Group 1953
Camp Kiwanis 1953
Jefferson school class
Beatrice Beard Groom and Carol Brehm Woods when they didnt have a care in the world !!
Baker School
Baker - 2nd Grade
Baker - 3rd & 4th Grades
Baker School - 4th Grade
Baker School - 5th Grade
Baker school (date unknown)
Berney as it is being remodeled
Berney School - New 1979
Berney - 2nd Grade
Berney - 3rd Grade
Berney 4th Grade
Berney 5th grade
Berney 5th - 6th grades
Berney 7th grade
Berney 8th grade
Berney graduation
Berney school (date unknown)
College Place
College Place School 1954-55
College Place - 1st Grade
College Place - 2nd Grade
College Place - 4th & 5th Grades
College Place - 5th & 6th Grade
College Place - 6th Grade
8th Grade College Place Public School 54-55
College Place - 8th Grade
College Place Baseball - 1954-55
College Place band
College Place bands
Davis School Patrol
Green Park
Jefferson School - 9th Avenue
Jefferson School
Jefferson 1st & 2nd Grades
Jefferson - 5th Grade
Jefferson School 6th Grade. 1953
Jefferson School Patrol 1953
Jefferson school (date unknown)
Paine School From 3rd Ave.
Paine School From 4th Ave.
Paine School 1st grade 1946-1947
Paine School 2nd grade 1947 - 1948
Paine School 5th Grade 1952
Prospect Point
Prospect Point 1966
Prospect Point - 1910 - 1970
1953 Band - Prospect Point
Sharpstein School
Sharpstein School
Sharpstein School - 1970
Sharpstein School
Sharpstein 1st Grade - 1948
Sharpstein 2nd Grade - 1949
Sharpstein 3rd Grade - 1950
Grade School Photos from Sharpstein sent to us from Rose Mary Thom Klug
Sharpstein First Grade
Washington School
Washington School
Washington School With Fire Escape
Washington School - 1956
Washington school 6th grade 1953
Washington School 4th Grade - 1951
F Row/Glenda Brown, Patricia, Nora Jane Wilson, Patricia Hardin, Joyce Nungesor, Carol Barker, Cynthia Orluck, Darlene Leonard - M Row/Francine Parker, Bonnie Jean, Darlene Root, Shirley Tate, Ronald Entze, Keith Burdic
Washington school (date unknown)
Junior High
Rainbow Girls Lynden Ikstrom, ?, Sandra Dunham, Shan Beck, Sharon Weathers
Harold Haddock 8th Grade
Sharon Weathers and Rosemary Foss
Stephanie Eubanks, Grace Ewing, Beatrice Beard, Mary Dee Baker, Joan Meadowcroft, Linda Roberts, Marie Cote
Unknown, Sharon Schaffert, Judy Bixler, Lynn Aldrich, Katherine Seeley, Linda Roberts
Girls basketball and Yell Leaders
Pioneer Junior High
Garrison Junior High
College Memorabilia
Go Dawgs
Start of the Freshman race - U of W vs. Stanford.
Start of Freshman race:  U of W vs. Stanford