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Marla Burns
2012-07-11 22:28:28
Elizabeth Burroughs (Ponti)
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Now Retired Married 3 2013-03-12 04:32:33
Elizabeth Ponti
June 3, 1941 - Jan. 7, 2011
Elizabeth "Eliz" Anne Ponti of Woodinville, WA. passed away on Jan. 7, 2011, after a courageous eight year battle with cancer.  Born on June 3, 1941, to Bill and Grace Burroughs of Walla Walla, WA.
She married her husband of 49 years Ken Ponti, also of Walla Walla.  She raised three boys in Woodinville.  A devoted wife, mother, grandmother and friend to many.  An amazing cook, she enjoyed working in her garden and spending time with her cherished grandchildren.  She was a regular at the kid's sporting events and school activities.
She is survived by her husband Ken, three sons, Darin (Sheri); Ryan (Laurie); Todd (Cynthia), her six grandchildren, Cooper, Brody, Kayla, Elyanne, and Whitacker, Abigail.  Her brother and sister of Walla Walla, Shirley Ossipoff (Burroughs); Sheldon Burroughs, and large extended family of aunts and cousins.  Eliz was preceded in death by her brothers Danny and Chuck Burroughs.
Thanks to the doctors Lonergan and Tobin and staff at Evergreen Cancer Center.  A special thanks to Dr. Richard Neiman, a long-time medical advisor and friend for 30 years.  In lieu of flowers, send donations to Evergreen Cancer Center.  Remembrances at
(From U-B notice Jan. 16, 2011
Upon after graduation, I went to work with Paxton-Kent an insurance mortgage and loan company. I started as a receptionist and was later transferred to the mortgage loan department. In 1960 my friend Rose Lee, (class of ‘57) introduced me to Ken Ponti (class of ‘57). We married in September 1961. Our first son Darin was born in 1962. Three months later, we moved to Spokane, WA. Ken worked in the finance field and in 1963, I went to work at O.N.B. main office. I enjoyed this job as teller and met a lot of Walla Walla classmates and friends while working there. 
In 1966, our second son Ryan was born. Where upon 2 weeks later, we were transfered to Bellevue, Washington, where Ken worked for Ford Motor Credit Company.
In 1967, Ken went to work for Bank of the West. In 1968 our third son, Todd was born. In 1970, Ken went to work for Inter-Regional Financial Group, a subsidiary of Dain Bosworth.
In 1973 we purchased 2-acres in Woodinville, WA and built a home. It was great for the boys and their friends. We all enjoyed boating, salmon fishing, hunting, dirt-bike riding and various sports throughout the years.
Ken and I enjoyed horse racing. We owned five horses over the years and followed them from Seattle to Chicago to Miami. 

In 1983 we started Worldwide Financial Services and Business Financial Services and we ran them until semi-retirement. Worldwide Financial Services is currently in operation. 
Our son Darin, after college has been in the equipment leasing business for past 23 years. Darin is married to Sheri and has two boys, Cooper (12) and Brody (9). Darin recently started his own leasing company and has partnered with his brother Ryan.
Our son Ryan went to work for Costco after college and worked there for 10 years in purchasing. He then ventured into the leasing industry for the past 10 years. Ryan is married to Laurie and they have two girls, Kayla (9) and Elyanne (5).
Our son Todd, has worked at Costco for the past 20 years shortly before high school graduation. Todd works at the corporate office in Systems. Todd is also a certified residental appraiser. Todd is married to Cynthia and they have a boy, Whitacker (12) and a girl, Abigail (8).
We have traveled in the past to such places like Spain, Algiers, Hawaii, Florida, the Caribbean and with short trips to Vegas and California.
My hobbies include, reading, taking walks with Ken, gardening and having the grand kids stay over night.  
We are enjoying the grandkids and school programs and sports. We spend time at our summer home on Lake Chelan. All the families like to get together for the 4th of July. It’s great to see all the grandkids at one time and whip up a great spaghetti and meatball feast.
I can’t believe 50 years have gone by so fast. It will be great to see everyone at the reunion and catch up on old times, especially  classmates from Berney grade school. 
We will be celebrating our 48th wedding anniversary on September 9th, 2009. Life has been wonderful and we are are blessed to have 3 wonderful son’s, 3 wonderful daughter-in-law's and 6 wonderful grandchildren.
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John Bury
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2012-07-11 22:25:10
Donna Butherus (Johannessen)
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Retired - Accounting Technician Single 2012-07-11 22:25:11

     Saw a sign recently: "Life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer you get to the end, the faster it goes."  :)   How did 50 years go be so fast????
     Brief history of Donna: Graduated from University of Washington in Drama. Worked as an actress at Seattle Repertory Theatre. Worked my way around the world on Norwegian merchant ships. Settled in Tucson, Arizona where I worked as a civilian in law enforcement, and began a spiritual quest. Worked for a yoga organization in Los Angeles. Came to Walla Walla for a two week visit in 1987, and stayed.
     In the 1990s I took up watercolor painting and attended wonderful art workshops in Greece, New Mexico and Walla Walla. I also had inspiring meditation retreats in Switzerland and Southern California and visited the holy sites in Greece.
    In 2001 I bought a home for my 60th birthday present. I've been digging and planting in the rocks ever since. I've become much more aware of environmental issues, and seemingly small steps one can take to help our beautiful planet, our earthly home. Served on the Walla Walla Urban Forestry Advisory Commission for four years.
     In March 2008, I retired from the Walla Walla VA as Accounting Technician. Thanks to "modern medicine" I continue enjoying my friends, critters, plants and gardens, reading, art, projects about the house and yard, walking the dog, working out at Curves for Women, taking Quest classes at WWCC, attending theater, movies, and Blue Mountain Audubon and Native Plant Society meetings.

Gary Buttice
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Retired Welding Instructor Single 1 2017-10-19 14:35:49

Gary J. Buttice

April 1, 1941 -- October 1, 2017

In Loving Memory

Gary J. Buttice passed away on Oct. 1, 2017.  Born on April 1, 1941, in Walla Walla to John and Eva Buttice.  He spent his years riding motorcycles and teaching as a welding instructor at WWCC.  He will be greatly missed by family, friends and students everywhere.

Gary is survived by Connie Buttice and granddaughter Savannah Eisenman; Barbara Hofer, Shane and Elissa Hofer and granddaughter Zoe Hofer.

He died with his boots on living life until the end.

A celebration of life with a Bar B Que potluck at Pioneer Park was held on Sunday, Oct. 15 from 1 p.m to 4 p.m.



Children:  1 Son
Grandchildren:  3 Grandsons & 1 Granddaughter
Old cycles, old cars, old trucks - anything old - and going to the cabin and cutting fire wood.
I dropped out of Washington Sate College, logged, worked iron, taught welding for thirty two years at Walla Walla Community College. I spent a lot of time at my old mountain cabin and rode my cycle all over the Blue Mountains.
In 1969 I married Connie Cushman and adopted and raised her son, Brian. After ten years of marriage it came to the end. A sad day for Connie and me was Nov. 9, 2005 when we lost Brian at the age of forty. In 1980 I married Barbara Louderback and helped raise her three year old son Shane. After five years that marriage also came to an end. Shane is thirty two now and he and his wife live in Milton-Freewater, Oregon. Shane and I have always gotten along well so I see him and his wife pretty often.
All in all, it’s been a good fifty years and in 2000 I retired from Walla Walla Community College after being there for day and night welding classes for thirty two years. I might add, old classmate Myron Ferguson, helped me run the welding department for twenty six years. We both left in 2000.
I have been single since 1985 after Barbara and I split up. But I’ve had a nice and big hearted lady friend- Ellie Isitt Walker – for the past fourteen years. She has her place and I have mine so it works out darn good. She said the only reason she goes with me is she really likes the old mountain cabin I have up on Biscuit Ridge!
Pat said to try and keep this to under 300 words. After being a logger and weldor for years I don’t know that many words and have trouble spelling the ones I do and some I’m sure in the heck wouldn’t want to put down on paper. If you noticed I spelled “weldor” with an “or” not “er”. The weldor is the person that does the welding and the welder is the machine. I know you all waited 50 years to find that out.
With ending I would like to say for a drop out from Washington State College it all went pretty darn well.
P.S. This may shock some of you that I had grades high enough to get into Washington State. I learned welding at Columbia Basin College in Pasco, Washington.
Merle Campbell
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March 13 Retired Military Married 3 2019-03-31 19:19:36


Col. Franklin Merle Campbell Jr.


On Monday, March 18, 2019, Col. Franklin Merle Campbell Jr., loving husband of 56 years to Mary and father of three, passed away peacefully in his sleep at the age of 79.  Merle was born on March 13, 1940, in The Dalles, Oregon to Henrietta (Zurflugh) and Franklin Merle Campbell Sr. 


Merle attended two years of high school in Walla Walla, Washington.  He graduated from Clackamas High School.   Merle attended Portland State University, the US Army Engineer College in Fort Belvoir, Virginia, and Command and General Staff College in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.


Merle joined the Oregon National Guard Field Artillery Unit in 1961.  He attended Officer Candidate School in 1965 and was commissioned as an artillery officer. In 1971, Merle joined the 1249th Engineering Battalion as a 2nd Lieutenant.  He rose through the ranks and became the Commander of the 1249th Engineers in 1981. He joined the Oregon State Area Command and wrote the emergency activation plan for the state.  Merle retired in September, 1994, after serving 33 years, 3 months and 18 days. 


In addition to his military service, Merle was a realtor, a home builder and an activist. He designed and built the family home in 1971 and built and sold many homes in the area.

He formed Dieselgate, a class action group that successfully sued General Motors for their faulty diesel cars.   He was instrumental in writing and passing the Oregon Lemon Laws. 


In his retirement years, Merle and Mary enjoyed traveling  in their motorhome and camping trips with the grandchildren.  He loved his cars, especially his old Jaguars, and regretted selling any car ever.   He loved dogs, especially Old English Mastiffs.


Merle loved talking with people everywhere he went - campgrounds, grocery stores, parking lots, and he quickly figured out a mutual connection and a surprising number of relations.  

Merle is survived by Mary, his three daughters Kelly, Tracy, and Kerry, his grandchildren Colin, Luke, and Hannah, and his brother Mark.


A funeral service will be held at 1:00 pm  on Sunday, March 31, 2019 at Mt. Scott Funeral Home, S.E. 59th and Foster Rd.  Viewing Saturday, March 30, 2019.  Interment will be in Willamette National Cemetery at 2:00 pm, on Monday, April 1, 2019.

 Lazy as I am I copied and edited this from Classmates..

We left Walla Walla just before my Junior year.  Never liked a place as much as I did Walla Walla as it was in the fifities

May 18th 2009  edited and re-edited, never could spell or write without re-reading or, re-editing over and over ... yet most of my working life involved a lot of writing. I have a bad habit of writing pages when a short paragraph would do .. as this ....

Married Mary Martin, Classmates- Mary Campbell (Martin) 1961, from Twin Falls High School, Idaho and Clackamas High School. Oregon  Would marry her again in a heart beat ... Mary of course is smarter now .......
We have three grown daughters and three wonderful grandchildren that came with bragging rights.  Everyone well and healthy.  All three now live near us .  One just moved back from Denver.  Daughters give their parents the neatest gifts..  Do sons do that?
Mary and I owned a couple business's discovering with luck, enthusiastic naivety and ignoring the  experts, about any business works.  Would get an idea then go with it.. not every one a screaming winner but enough were.  When Mary was President and CEO the Companies did well... I should have learned from that...  I am a slow learner..

Mary and I have had a nice run of accidental good luck.  However I tend to remember the stupid or insensitive stuff I am painfully embarrassed about. I still screw up but not quite as bad, I think.  I am reluctant to take a pole .
Mary retired from Nordstrom in 1997, she sold high end and St. John Knits.  . Guess what she wears the most?  Levis, tennie runners, souvenir sweatshirts and Tee shirts.  As I 'rarely' comment on this she retorts that ... after all ...,  she is retired ... She mentions, under baited breath, That I dress worse in vintage Levis, old sweatshirts and worn out sneakers  ... humph ... I ... do the yard work ... and get the mail ... really now ....
I retired from the Military in 1994 ending as the Director of a National Guard Counter Drug program as an O6.  Was great rewarding work.  I still miss the excitement fifteen years later.   I was privileged to command a Engineer Battalion,  wrote several plans at and for the Pentagon, mainly for military civil support in emergencies.   Contributed to the first ever National Drug control policy for the drug Czar and some other good stuff.    With that and six bucks I can buy a couple of three dollar cups of coffee at Starbucks.

You would think we would have done quite a bit beside a little travel. We haven't ... Our home and yard reflect it.
Went everywhere in our sports cars,  I was a hot rodder, we fished-Mary is still an avid fly fisherman, we love classic cars-still own a semi-vintage Continental it resembles a Bentley so we kept it but no more wonderful British or Italian cars - Mary wanted to drive them not constantly repair them.    However, Mary does have a nice white Ford convertible that has Jaguar written all over it.  We only bought it after Ford bought Jaguar so I call it a Ford, that way I have not broken any vow to myself by buying any more British cars..

I loved small airplanes but for medical reasons thats long past, had a fast boat - We water skied - at my insistence Mary was driving the boat faster than anyone should when I tripped and fell I bounced like skipping a flat rock it seemed like forever..  it was really no big deal tho. - I was walking unassisted in less than two months.

Mary hated my motorcycles and the scars, finally I was a talented Scotch Whiskey and Beer drinker-went from novice to journeyman in less than a week,  Mary really disliked the drinking but somehow put up with it.  Its something I now truly regret - quit cold turkey in the fall of 1976.  Made little Mary much happier..

We love and owned English Mastiff dogs - we just lost our 160 lb eleven year old big black loving slobbering female St Bernard/Lab named Delaney, was a very sad few weeks around here.  We skied, played gin rummy and bridge, camped out and played golf especially with my brother Tom from grade school on, I have the scars.

Tom had a habit of constantly practicing his full swing and follow through. I had the silly habit of not paying much attention to either-hence a few top down blows, one left a dent I still have to this day. We lost Tom to a heart attack in 1995, fittingly just after playing 18 holes of golf.  Lost my older brother Zane in February last year.  Three out of five left... I am the oldest now ... and that's not looking very good ...
We have good pictures and great memories.  Mary said that's why she married me ...  Mary and I don't do much of those things anymore followed by "why not what happened?"  I tell her I got older ... she didn't ....... 

We did some good things I am overly proud of, a few of which were covered by the media.  
Never planned on college-went on a whim, didn't pick a major, Business and Civil Engineering, until the last minute, continued going to school until we retired.     

Not everything has been wonderful but most has been very nice.
We had fun, we have fun left in us, we hope to use it all up. 

We have kept in touch with some and love to hear how they are.   We hope to hear from more of you and how you have been over the years.

For a long time our youth seemed like only yesterday ... now some of those great memories are fading.   Wouldn't it have been wonderful to be able to keep just a few more memories and a lot more of our youth?
Merle -- and Mary Campbell

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Fayetta Carder (Lamb)
January 27, 1940 Widowed 1 2019-01-29 14:18:21
Homemaker. Owned my own Machine quilting business for 25 years.  I have two daughters, Angie and Kathy, 4 grandkids, 4 great grandkids, and 1 great great grandson. 

I have outlived 2 husbands, losing the most recent in 2013.  

I bowled league up until 2014 when I had to have surgery.  I still enjoy going to the bowling alley and visiting with friends and encouraging them in their game.

I have enjoyed many crafts over the years including quilting, machine embroidery, sewing, crotcheting, knitting, needlepoint and various others.  I get my greatest joy in making things for my family and friends. 

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Fayetta Jean Carder (Lamb)
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2012-07-11 22:25:14
Judy Anne Carey (Smith)
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2013-03-12 03:52:01
Judith (Carey) Smith
Jan. 13, 1941 - June 27, 2012
Judith Carey Smith, 71, of Salmon, Idaho, passed away Wednesday, June 27, 2012, at the Marcus Daily Hospice Care Center in Hamilton, Montana.  She was born Jan. 13, 1941, in Walla Walla, the daughter of the late Arthur Allen Carey and Laura Elsa Kelly.
Judy passed away after a 3.5-year battle with cancer.  She fought a courageous fight, never once letting her illness waver her resolve to battle the cancer that finally took her life.  Judy loved wearing all the different hats her grandchildren gave her to wear when the chemotherapy took her hair.  She spent many years with her soul mate, Bruce Whitson, at his ranch, where she loved baking, gardening, planting spring flowers, teaching her granddaughter how to make freezer jam, sugar cookies, baked apple pie and occasionally letting them have ice cream for breakfast.  Judy often spoke of how she loved coming back to her roots as a farm girl while living on the ranch with Bruce.  Judy was raised in Walla Walla, where she was the granddaughter of John G. Kelly, the founder of the Union-Bulletin.  She graduated from Walla Walla High School and was a Farmerette for the 1959 Walla Walla Frontier Days.  She loved riding horses and competed in barrel racing.  She attended Steven's College in Missouri.  She married David McKinney (deceased), and they farmed in Pasco and had three children.  During this time Judy worked for a number of banks as a loan officer and assistant branch manager and for the Department of Human Health Services.  Judy later found love again after David's passing and married Clinton Smith (deceased) and moved to Salmon, Idaho.  She worked for many businesses while being married to Clinton for 20 years.
Judy is survived by one brother, David and wife Maralyn Carey of Walla Walla; two sons, John and wife Holly McKinney of Sachse, Texas, and Bob and wife Becky McKinney of Pasco; one daughter, Laurie and husband Larry Schober, of Salmon, Idaho.  She is also survived by five grandchildren, Zach, Spencer, Miranda, Adrianna and Annalisa.
Judy will be laid to rest during a private family gathering later this summer.  Memorial may be made to the Marcus Daly Hospice Center, 1200 Westwood Dr., Hamilton, MT 59840
Jean Carle (Gray)
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2012-07-11 22:51:02
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